Gazetteer - Marlone

Marlone rose on the southern shores of the Lir-Khan sea where the warm waters of the southern seas mingled with the cold currents of the northern. The climate was dry but inviting and a great trade city rose there in the time of the Ancients. After the world rending war with Ro-Rex the city was rebuilt by refugees from Ro-Rex’s armies. The citizens worshipped the fey Mur as a god and followed his quiet teachings of peace. Over time it became a diverse and richly cultured city of modest size. Even when the world was split apart the traders crafted methods of travel between the shards of the planet; spreading far and wide their trade routes and influence.

After the death of Lir the city became a desperate holdout against the forces of Chaos and the Sorcerer-Kings. Marlone continued as a powerful trade center into these dark years. The far ranging caravans bringing back news and forbidden secrets to the Veiled Alliance that used the city as a stronghold. It held fast for nearly four thousand difficult years before Zatch’s demon army bored through the great walls defending the city and killed the entire population. Even the great Mur was struck down in the siege. But, he used his own death to place a great ward on an ancient relic hidden in the city.

In the age of Dark Skies the city is a windswept ruin where barely any structure stands. Only the dome that once held the bones of Mur and the relic still stands nearly intact. The rest of the city reduced to crumbling walls and heaps of debris. Beneath the city are a network of dry sewers and tunnels sprawling out in various directions, though many sections have collapsed with age. At night the city glows a ghastly green glow that illuminates the silts of the strait and warning those that pass by that it is a cursed place.

Even after the city’s destruction it remained a hotly contested battle zone. Zatch unable to penetrate the wards created by Mur in his death throes placed the terrible stone demon Wu-Jern to guard the protected dome from the Veiled Alliance. And at night the demon’s Hunt of shadow wolfen prowled the streets. Undaunted the Veiled Alliance placed watchers and scholars in the city that operated from tunnels beneath the city. They worked to overcome Wu-Jern during the day and hid from the Hunt at night. This stalemate continued for centuries while the relic The Secret of Lir remained untouched in the dome.

A group of wayward travelers stumbled upon destiny and defeated the demon Wu-Jern, reclaiming the relic. Now that the artifact is gone the city has become deserted except for the ghosts of its past.

Gazetteer - Marlone

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