Gazetteer - Isle of Song

Thousands of years ago the Isle of Song was the cultural capital of Lir’s followers. Artists of the Ancient and Rasha races gathered here to perfect their craft under the inspiration of a Greater Other that manifested itself as a flock of magnificent song birds, and to sing the Song of Unification.

When the armies of Ro-Rex began their assault upon Lir, the isle become an isolated outpost under self-imposed exile. The artist there deactivated their rune portal in an attempt to outlast the siege of Ro-Rex. Like all of the Ancients, they perished in the great ritual, and their city fell into ruin.

In the many subsequent years of isolation, the Great Other that resided there went mad, ultimately becoming the Demon of the Bell, and drawing to itself those that would become the Burning Robes, and the beast, Charvaan.

The Isle of Song still holds the Vaults of the Ancients, and therein, many forgotten secrets of their long dead culture.

Gazetteer - Isle of Song

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