Gazetteer - Gazing Rim

During the Forgotten Era Gazing Rim became a small city inhabited by descendants of Ro-Rex ‘s armies. The focal point of the city had been a great floating castle that crash landed into the hills overlooking the coast. Around the ruins of this great structure the city had been built using stones from the castle and local forests. They thrived, living off their superior ship building skills and laboring in the mineral rich mines of the area. Black ships with red sails fished and traded all along the edges of the Lir-Khan Sea.

The city was ruled by a number of great family clans who over time began to lose influence to the revival of the Ro-Rex cult. The clan Gravis was the last to step down from power. By the time that the Year of Undoing arrived the city was a major base of operations of the living Ro-Rex and all aspects of ruling were in the hands of the church.
During the Age of Corruption the city became a fading redoubt of the living Ro-Rex and the uncorrupted. But, eventually they were bloodily ousted from the city completely by the Sorcerer-Kings.

In the time of Dark Skies the Gazing Rim is ruled as a colony of the Sorcerer-King Talis Krieg and the God-Emperor far to the southeast. The community harvests and ships southward the rare commodity ice for their Sorcerer-King. The glaciers that ring the poles of the planet are the only source of this sought after commodity. But, the harvesting of ice holds terrible dangers and strange infernal elementals that besiege the town from time to time. And many of the caravans that move into the mountains to harvest it vanish without a trace. Not to mention savage raids by the Amber Beast Clan who bow to no sorcerer-king, strike out from the foothills in Riffe due east of The Gazing Rim. They protect a sacred place hidden in the mountains.

While Talis Krieg is not as brutal as the other Sorcerer-Kings and his city state is ran as a democracy on the surface. The city of the Gazing Rim demands a large amount of slaves to harvest the ice. A resource viewed as a priceless treasure on a planet that is completely dry for the most part. Even those who decide to live and work there of their own freewill tend to be the worst of the lot when it comes loving blood sports and looking down on the lower classes of their social strata. For this dangerous thankless place is the best way to earn your way up the ladder of the social order. But, few who dwell there live far into the prime of their life without death or maiming from the hazards and climate that sits between a scorched world and the icy walls of the glaciers.

Talis Krieg allows a single favored merchant house to have the right to harvest the ice. He benefits from almost complete authority in Gazing Rim. The House of Dun’ka currently hold the contract and their ruthless profit driven methods are obvious in the working and living conditions of Gazing Rim.

Gazetteer - Gazing Rim

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