A large and imposing Fhantom who is lord of the Old Eyes Hive.


Xil’Tol’Napp is a proud and quiet creature. He is taller and more bulkier then a normal Fhantom and he moves with a grace not seen outside of his own race. His armored body is dark red in color. He is the unquestionable lord of The Old Eyes Hive slaver faction and what members of his group who are not enslaved constructs listen to his every word. His motives are secretive as his plans and the sorcery used to create his constructs the Old Eyes Shrikes.

Xil’Tol’Napp betrayed the Cos Brothers in the final battle of a civil war that broke out in Kantan to control the leadership of the slaver clans. He was struck down and forced to surrender to the cruel brothers. They allowed him to live but he was soon killed in a battle between the brothers and an alliance of slaver clans and the Keepers of Lir. A battle he had hope to avoid.


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