Beastman(Half-Orc) Barbarian - Dual Wielding


Tarak’s background is that of pit fighter who has spilled blood across the known world as a member of QQ’s Fighting Entertainers. He little suspected his simple life would become so complex when he agreed to QQ’s contract to fight in Kantan’s Slaver Trials.

En route to the Trials their caravan was overtaken by mutant creatures created by the twisted Ancient Og’olo. Tarak and Bami had been away from the campsite hunting when the attack had come and found only smoking ashes and dry blood when they returned. They quickly sat off in search of the attackers with hopes of rescuing their fellow combatants and QQ from the mysterious attackers. In the canyons leading to Og’olo’s enclave they met the Keepers of Lir. The Keepers were also on the trail and took Tarak and Bami in as companions.

Bami and Tarak quickly learned of the party’s quest to preserve the Secret of Lir from Chaos and other forces at work on Lir. Freeing Qq from the clutches of Og’olo they followed the adventurers on to Kantan and entered the Trials where the fighters quickly made it to the final bout with the Cos Brothers’ champion.

The adventurers when not fighting were slowly turning the Consortium of Thirteen against each other. The tense political intrigue made Tarak uncomfortable. And more than once he found himself fighting against creatures that were more than just flesh and blood. If he had been on his own he likely would have fled the city quietly. But, he owed QQ a sworn oath and stayed on, leaving the fighting team to stand beside QQ as his personal bodyguard until he can make sure QQ isn’t caught up in the maelstrom of politics the Keepers have unleashed with their brash actions in Kantan.

But, fate is cruel and in the final bout against the slaver’s champion the Keepers joined forces with the legendary Naut Forlong and waged open warfare with the leaders of the slaver Consortium. Seeing only one way out Tarak joins QQ and the others in a final battle for their lives to escape Kantan.


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