Socerer-Queen Val-Naz

Sorcerer-Queen of the city-state of Harzon.


Val-Naz is an ancient who has made a pact with the draconian, through a demonic emissary, and rules the slaver faction known as Harzon’s Pride. Her ancient features are still prominent, including her orange skin and four eyes, but they are contrasted with draconian scales. She considers females to be the ruling sex, regarding all men as weak and only fit for slavery.

She has managed to stockpile large quantities of metal, through unknown means, in her pyramid strongholds. At least one of these strongholds is capable of flight and launching a devastating arcane bombardment.

During the revolt in Kantan, she enlisted the Keepers of Lir, via Mika, as her champions against the Cos Brothers. She has confided in Mika, via one of her warriors, that she is in possession of knowledge of a race of beings who sought to travel to many worlds, and regrets having a hand in their slaying.

Socerer-Queen Val-Naz

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