Saint Lir-Khan

The Ancient who kept the belief and secrets of the god Lir alive after the coming of Ro-Rex.


When the war came to a halt with the world rending spell to stop Ro-Rex. Not all of the Ancients slipped into extinction in the aftermath. Among the few survivors was a holy man, a living saint of Lir.

It was he who rekindled the worship of Lir and The Others in the newly freed armies of Ro-Rex. For in those early years, Ro-Rex’s hold on his followers was greatly reduced. And those who were not greatly Welded could see what had become of them and sought a new life.

From the shores of Riffe Kir-Khan preached and taught those first refugees. And from those shores he sent them out to spread this new knowledge to the ruined world and all who wanted a new way. The forefathers of Scaalaee were among these early pilgrims.

Kir-Khan was not a young creature and eventually his advanced years caught up with him. By this time a powerful school of Druids had been founded north of Riffe. These Druids understood that Kir-Khan’s powerful possessions could not fall into the wrong hands. And built an impressive vault in the wilderness for his tomb.

Even then the Druids were seeing the corruption of Chaos seeping from the war machines of Ro-Rex. And the Chaos was quickly corrupting men, beasts, and even a few of The Others. Twisting them into dark shadows of themselves. Terrible mutated demons that sought only to re-create the world in their own new image.

But, as they watched these transformations. They saw how close life itself veered toward corruption but preserved its natural order. And so they protected the vault with the most keen and fearsome order of living beings. Creatures and plants that lived off the cycle of life and death. Diseases that caused death but flourished afterwards with new growths. This they thought would protect the fabled Heart of Lir in Kir-Khan’s tomb from corrupted hands. Fighting death with death.

Brother Tom had been chosen by Lir to be her new holy herald and through Ragar encouraged him to travel to Riffe and open the tomb. So that the Heart of Lir could serve the devote once again. The Boys from Scaalaee managed to travel through the dangers of The Vault and find the resting place of Kir-Khan. There they found an apparition of Sa-Nah-Gig weeping over his sarcophagus. With both the blessings of Sa-Nah-Gig and Lir, Brother Tom took hold of the Heart of Lir. And Kir-Khan crumbled into dust as the mantle of sainthood was passed on.

Saint Lir-Khan

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