Ranor Karregn (Traitor of the Secret)


Dragonkin Warlord


Ranor Karregn was trained from a young age to be a leader due to a mutation of his race’s natural powers. His tribe was slain when he was 18, and he was taken by slavers and turned into a gladiator. He was trained to be a leader in the arena, and a mercenary general bought him after seeing him perform excellently in a battle. He was trained to command soldiers, and he became a sergeant. The general was Horace Torque.

Torque distributed his drake forces in a suspiciously thin and risky formation, and they encountered a group of slavers and raiders. These slavers were performing too well to have simply come across the troops, and Ranor was one of the few survivors who got taken as a slave. From there, he was taken in the slaver caravan which was destroyed by the Dark Skies. Since surviving, he has taken up two goals – one, a matter of honor and his bloodline. The other, a matter of blood.

One – Kill the God-Emperor, the being that ordered the slaughter of his race.

Two – Kill Horace Torque for helping the God-Emperor further this goal.

Blood and revenge are as gold in the desolate wastes of Lir.

For a brief time Ranor traveled with The Keepers of Lir. But, he mysteriously abandoned the group in the Savage Mountains. Ranor kidnapped the unconscious Rasha Wodewick and vanished into a rune portal toward Buma-Tu.

Later the Keepers of Lir discovered that the Rasha were held by The Thorns. All clues point toward Ranor belonging to this disllusional but dangerous sect of terrorists.

He was last briefly spotted in an open market in Buma’Tu before disappearing into the crowds.

Ranor Karregn (Traitor of the Secret)

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