The youngest grandson of the bloodline that descends from Talis Krieg. One of the Bloody Bastards


The youngest of the Bloody Bastards and a creature able to slide into the membrane that separates the land of living and the dead. He is a sly and oil thief at heart and envious of all who have an upper hand on his status.

In Kantan the Keepers first encountered him formally during the galas between the contest arena matches. It became obvious that the slaver clans were split between poltical lines and that some including the Dun’Ka were working with The Night toward unknown goal that would benefit them both.

Unknown to the Keepers Oct’Tu knew they had the coin stolen from them by Naut Forlong.

Eventually the many secretive actions in Kantan made by the Keepers to divide the slaver clans came to light and Oct’Tu challenged the Keepers to trial by combat. In this intense conflict Oct’Tu was slain but the shadow dragon spirit bonded to his spirit took his soul back to Buma-Tu to be resurrected.


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