Murkle the Redeemed

An obese and jolly Dark One who has turned from his dark ways and walks a divine path.


Formly known as Murkle the Cruel and Murkle the Converted.


Murkle the Cruel is a large Dark One with only one horn. His skin is a pale red color and he is often drunk. Both of his horns have been broken off. He tends to be quite jolly when drunk but is quite ruthless. While he was a member of the Thirteen Consortium, he indulged the evil tastes of his demonic bloodline. Following the bloody battle to topple the Cos Brothers that ultimately dissolved the slaver racket, he was so moved by the selfless actions of Pau and Garret that he has sworn off his vile ways. Murkle is now seeking to learn the teachings of Lir from Pau, Daren, and Farr

Along with Bitta the Thin and O’sum the Pale he runs a percentage of The Three Winds Merchant Guild. He is the West Wind of the Guild.

Following the battle of Kantan the Three Winds were taken prisoner by the Iron Riders. Murkle was allowed to accompany Farr and Daren to investigate the Night warship that crashed into the city. In the journey down the tall carved tower of Kantan Murkle found his soul drawn to the The New Dawn and the resurrection of Lir. His conviction grew so strong he converted to the faith of Lir and promised to see her world purged of corruption. The Keepers of Lir stood by the Three Winds in the trial that would decide their fate. The Iron Riders agreed to spare their lives if they served the cause faithfully. Murkle remains with the Veiled Alliance beneath Buma-Tu, using his resources of knowledge of dark dealings to aid the fight against the forces that would prevent the New Dawn.

Murkle the Redeemed

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