Sorcerer-Queen Mnem, the Grey Lady

The Grey Lady is the ruler of the City-State Gib'Taza.


The Grey-Lady’s symbol is a skull surrounded by a ring of fire. She is the one responsible for the ritual stopping the volcano the Burning City, Gib’Taza, is located on from erupting, and for keeping the primals in check. This ritual demands a large amount of sacrifices.

She is famous particularly for being the only known being to subdue the fire elementals/primals, as they were once the purest and most integral beings on the world short of their Other, a great fiery salamander. It is unknown how she has managed to subdue them, but it takes all of her concentration. If she were to die, the primals would likely break free and destroy the city, becoming a new threat to the control of the God-Emperor and Sorcerer Kings/Queens.

Sorcerer-Queen Mnem, the Grey Lady

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