Level 3 Revenant Swordmage - Defender


Abandoned in a ally in the city-state of Buma-tu Melech found by a member of the Thorns. As he was raised in the tunnels beneath Buma-tu he was Led taught that civilization and religion were evil, Melech helped further the dream of turning Lir into a garden once again. He spent years collecting information, assassinating, and collecting powerful artifacts for his faction. As he traveled across Lir on various assignments he pondered why the thorns hated society so much, he saw no reason they could instead teach others how to treat the world better. However he never voiced this to anyone fearing the punishment.

Melech was given an assignment in Kantan. The thorns had heard that a powerful artifact would be present during the tournament. He signed up as a bodyguard to Murkle of the Three-Winds and made no success in getting close to the artifact. Finally Murkle offered him a chance by placing him within QQ’s Blood Sport Entertainer’s who were preparing to fight the Cos Brother’s champion. During his adventure’s with The Keeper’s of Lir Melech came to believe that this group’s goal was the right one, rather that the Thorns ambitions.

Melech feeling the need to talk to his elders slips away from the party in the middle of the night and travels to the Thorns base of operations. After being led to the leader of the Thorns, Jivven, Melech explains his thinking to them, as well as rellaying on information about the map on the Robe of the Stars. Jivven declares that he both knows to much and his thoughts are those of a heretic. After being led to a basement room, in wich two cat-like creatures were being held, a male and a female, he is killed.

However as his consciousness enters the Gloom Sa-Nah-Gig resurrects him as a revenant and he appears in front of Malharath within the Temple of Lir, accompanied by the words “Take this on back with you, he knows where to find the Rasha.”

In a daring raid on Jivven’s hidden sanctuary beneath Buma’Tu the Keepers discover the nursery for a Blood Tree. The tree will bear fruit that will seed the plague that torments the southern cities. The Thorns have grown the tree from the blood ooze that flows under the butcher houses of Buma’Tu. The hideous tree drawing strength from the ooze and the Rasha who hang from its branches unconscious. Jivven and his small army of mutated apes nearly overwhelm the Keepers of Lir. In a terrible battle lit by the glow of the foul tree Melech and his companions manage to free the Rasha. However, both Melech and Farr give their lives to the struggle. The victory rings even more hollow with the knowledge that Jivven escaped in the confusion of the battle.


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