A deceased member of the Blight slaver clan who is spending his death in torment for deceiving Sa-Nah-Gig


Korvak was a Sun Folk warrior of great skill who summoned vortexes that allowed him to enter The Gloom. Living creatures caught in these vortexes were dragged into the world of the dead. In life, he wielded a poison Blight Blade and wore armor made from the dangerous Sun Scorpion. He was trained to attack from ambush and could move silently and unseen through foes during battle.

Korvak was slain by Malharath, Daren, and Garret during the rescue of their companion Pau.


An experienced and skilled warrior Korvak is legendary for foiling an assassination against him in Buma-tu in mere seconds. He serves as the right hand of the Blight’s leader Puloni. Like other members of the Blight, Korvak is a Sun Folk. A member of the cursed lost tribe.

Korvak was eventually slain in Kantan by The Keepers of Lir in a daring raid to rescue their comrade Pau from captivity. In the gloom he was called to account for his deception of Sa-Nah-Gig. As a result of his betraying the vengeful demigoddess’s trust, he had his skin flayed from his body.

He and his became members of her blood guard, doing her bidding in the mortal world at dawn and dusk, and spending their afterlife in the gloom under eternal torment. During this time, Korvak and his allies planted the seeds of an evil plot in Sa-Nah-Gig’s mind. They convinced her to bring the souls of dominated draconians into being via The Keepers of Lir who were carrying her curse. These draconians have the ability to consume chaos, thereby empowering the demigoddess.

Korvak was slain once and for all by Malharath, Pau, Daren, and Dra’Thorn within the Dark Skies storm that his plotting had given rise to.


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