General Horace Torque

A massive and imposing Dragonkin with a drill sergeant's demanding personality and voice.


General Horace Torque was a former military officer who served under the Sorcerer-King Falet’gue in the city-state of Zultane before deserting with a few trusted officers and soldiers. He wandered for a time and sold his services to small communities on the borders of the wastes. It was not uncommon for him to betray these communities to the bandits and slavers who he was supposed to be defending against. He garnered wealth from these bribes.

After creating a small army of his own he turned to a life of bandit himself and looted many small villages or took prisoners to sell into slavery. Seeing the profit to be gained in slavery he sought out the Wull slaver tribe in the Red Rocks area. For a time he sold his services to them but once he had gained their trust he turned on them and decimated the ruling circle. Taking only the hardiest warriors from the tribe he used the remaining prisoners to start his own slaver clan. His ruthless tactics and military insight led to rapid growth.

His slaver gang became known as General Torque’s Company and were quickly brought into the Thirteen Consortium.

Keepers of Lir created a political wedged between members of the Consortium in Kantan over dealings with the Night Priests and other suspicions. Torque sided with the Cos Brothers in the civil war that broke out. Torque was little more than a pawn and strong arm to the other more powerful clans. He was forced into combat with the Keepers of Lir on pain of death. He met the Keepers in combat in the grand arena’s tiers of seating atop the tower of Kantan with his bodyguards, hunting lizards, and trusted lieutenant Ro-Til at his side. He attempted to force the Keepers and their allies to a choke point on a the stairs. Hoping to prevent his enemy’s greater numbers from overwhelming him.

In a grueling battle Horace and his entourage was killed by the combined might of the Three Winds, Poison Skins, and the Keepers of Lir. He collapsed from the stairs to the floor below allowing the allies to advance toward the Cos Brothers.

General Horace Torque

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