There are many tribes in the shattered ruins of the once great world of Lir. Farr was born to the tribe known as the Ra-Kor, a tribe rumored to be descended from a small group of noble warriors of old. They keep many of the militaristic practices alive, and are known for their unusually organized combat formations. Farr was brought up like every other child in his tribe, only considered a baby until he could walk and pick up a rock. By the age of five, he was more hardened to the world then some of the older city-dwellers in the broken lands of Lir. And, coincidentally, at the age of five, he was selected by the Koram to join their ranks. The Koram were the second half of the Ra-Kor tribe. Where the Ra-Kor prided themselves on military prowess and survivability, the Koram acted as priests and clerics to the Ra-Kor. The Koram worshipped the sand, the rocks, the precious drops of water, the air, and most importantly the story of a once great being, after whom this planet was named. The Koram also had a prophecy, only one.

This prophecy had been passed along the Koram for millennia, and remained untainted by any new rumors or cults, for the Koram would not believe anything else. The prophecy had been found in the sands, the rocks, the bodies of the animals the Ra-Kor killed, the sun, the sky, the winds, and the bodies of the Ra-Kor and Koram people. It spoke of one individual who would be born into the Ra-Kor tribe and be chosen by the Koram, who would be born with two hearts. They would find a piece of the ancient deity for whom the world was named, and begin a crusade to restore the world to its former glory and reinstate the rightful queen of the world to her throne, while killing the filthy warmonger who ruled the world and all his pawns. This person would bring about the end of the reign of the dragons, and purify the stars. They would find the last saint of the world, and join forces with them to restore the world to its former glory. Naturally, the Koram looked at all young Ra-Kor for the signs, and they saw the signs in Farr. Farr was trained as all other Koram, and by the time he was old enough, sixteen, he was sent on his pilgrimage. He would find a place where he could hear the voices of the planet, and summon a fragment the very soul of the world.

While journeying to the place he was to commune with the world, he was beset by two fanglings. Leaving him for dead, they took almost all of his supplies. When he awoke, he was dehydrated, hungry, and only had his armor and weapon. Knowing he would never make it back to his tribe, he pushed on, delirious and dying. No longer aware of where he walked, he started to climb a crag. The crag was a burnt husk, but seemed that in ancient times it may have been a fine material, what we would have known as coral. Upon reaching the top, he saw a crater in it, and a spring of water mysteriously bubbling up from within. Not looking where he was going, half stumbling and half falling to the water, and drank his fill. It did not stop, and he found plants growing near it. Eating them, he was refreshed and gladdened by the fact that he was not dying of poison. He fell asleep, and in his dreams he heard wonderful voices, and saw wonderful images of a world he knew was once Lir. The world he was to restore. Upon awakening, he saw a featureless spirit standing over the spring, gesturing into it. Looking in, he saw something of unspeakable beauty. It seemed to glow with an inner light, and was made of the same material as the crag but was not burnt. In fact, it seemed a part of a greater whole. Taking it, he found a part he could run a string or rope through, and took moss and grasses from near the spring to make a cord, drying it in the sun. Tying it through, he put it around his neck – and was instantly granted a vision. The spirit that had been formless a few minutes ago was now in the shape of a beautiful woman with generally aquatic features, with a turtle that had something racial memory said was a tree on its head. He felt something strange in his chest, and he realized he had two heartbeats. A feeling of newfound power was surging throughout his body, leaving him completely refreshed. He gathered food and water from the spring, and it started to dry up. As he left the crag, it started to dissipate into the wind. Upon returning to his tribes, he was hailed as the bringer of a new age, and granted the knowledge of the entire Kuram, granted new supplies and armor, and then departed, following the paths the artifact at his neck laid out for him in his mind’s eye. He was led to the last Saint of Lir, and now he shall follow this saint and the Secret.

It is now known that Farr has a cold handprint on his back which was found after awakening in the desert just before finding the Shard of the Scepter of Lir.

Farr journeyed with the Keepers of Lir after they found him exhausted and near death in the Savage Mountains during the rainy season. He fought along side them in the confines of Kantan and in their escape from The Night that led them back to Buma’Tu. He learned much about his strange fate in finding the relic from the Veiled Alliance and the Iron Riders. Farr was only starting to truly see his destiny when he was killed raiding the nusery of a Blood Tree under hidden beneath Buma-Tu. The remaining Keeprs manaaged to defeat Jiven and his small army of ape creatures. But, The Thorns that act as the Nameless One’s fist in the outside world have strove for centuries to destroy all trace of the god Lir from the planet. In their defeat of Farr they have won one of their greatest victories.


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