Demon of the Bell

A fearsome demon inhabiting the ruins of the Ancient capitol, the Isle of Song


In ages past, the demon was an Other who was said to flit among the trees as a song. A creature that offered itself as a muse to philosophers and artists who came to the Isle of Song to create.

In the centuries since the loss of Lir to Chaos corruption, the Demon willfully mutated itself into a tall and lanky naked humanoid void of hair. The creature struck a frightening aspect with its pale grey skin and bony limbs, as it gazed upon its victims with dull pupil-less eyes.

Upon death, the creature burst into brightly colored song birds that filled the ruins atop the Isle of Song.


The Demon of the Bell was a warning whispered by travelers of the Feral Sea. It’s haunting call drawing both innocent and fearsome things from the Feral Sea to it’s abode upon the Isle of Song; where many stayed on to worship the vision it had granted them. Few managed to recover their mind and escape into the wilderness. Jenner has spoken of the encounter with the creature that caused him to rip his own eyes out, but bestowed the blindsight upon him.

It was once the muse that sang to the artists of the isle, but with the Ancients and Rasha destroyed or exiled, and the corruption of the world; it looked upon what remained and strove to find a new beauty. It felt the old world and its aesthetic was lost for good, a palette it could not restore. So, it looked more closely at the corruption running rampant in the world, and here it saw a destructive and chaotic beauty unique to Chaos.

It decided that the current world of mutation and change was only a rough sketch, and so for many many centuries it strove to allow Chaos to work its final masterpiece on Lir. It took an ancient Fey artifact, a massive Bell, and corrupted it with Chaos and sat it atop a Ley Nexus. Then it began a slow and patient ritual to pierce the boundary between the worlds, releasing Chaos’ unhindered brushwork upon all of Lir’s creation.

For those countless years it lived inside the bell atop the isle and the strikes of the great bell’s clapper rung with the song that carried visions of the previous world and the one he hoped to create; visions whose strength was enough to drive mortals to the brink of madness and cause an irreversible change in their perceptions. The victims of this beauty and madness tore their eyes from their sockets and succumbed to the song. This translated into a being able to pass on the a subtle hint of the vision in their own voice. The slaver clan The Burning Robes are all cultists of the bell. Some remain close to the bell adding their voice to the ritual as the bell tolled night after night.

Generations ago, a hunter came to the Feral Sea and sought to consume the Demon. It tried for years to lure the creature from the bell so it could fight it fairly, but the Demon was above pride and answered none of its taunts. In time, the hunter mutated and lurked near the isle adding his own song to the ritual. Unknowing, he too had become enraptured by the bell. Defeat at the hand of one of his tribesmen, Shad, created a lust for revenge that was the only emotion strong enough to break his fixation upon the song.

As for the Demon it found itself at odds with the Keepers of Lir and at first offered them a dark pact of sacrifice to obtain what they wanted on the Isle of Song. When he his offer was ignore he enslaved the monk Pau with his song and waged a dire battle against the Keepers. Their numbers reduced by companions lost on the stone sea around the isle. They found themselves nearly outmatched. Seeking aid they brought forth allies from the Veiled Alliance to turn the tide.

Menzer recognized the bell and its intent and chose himself and two others with deep understanding of dark arts to accompany him through the Ley Portal. On arrival Menzer’s Chaos derived armor caused the bell to attack him directly. And both were pulled into the opening between this world and that of Chaos. Menzer was unable to maintain enough will to keep his armor from returning to Chaos. But, he managed to escape the far realm and made certain the bell was flung back into that abyss sealing the gate to that realm on the Isle of Song forever.

With the aid of Murkle and Garret the Keepers managed to destroy The Demon. The creature bursting open to allow beautiful song birds to escape from its body. The long lost song of the birds flirting over the isle.

Demon of the Bell

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