Cold Hands

The refined and soft spoken undead slaver that owns and operates Cold Hand’s Import and Trade.


Cold Hands runs the ill spoken of Cold Hand’s Import and Trade slave company out of the city-state of Kel’Riven. He is often seen dressed in fine robes and white and blue fabrics with gold or silver trim. None of his flesh (or bone) is revealed and only his fine metal mesh gloves and golden skull mask can be seen in the folds of his robes. When he moves he seems to float across the floor. He is thought to be undead and many scholars agree he is a creature that has somehow bound his life to this side of The Gloom. There is no other way he could be among the undead but still keep a touch of personality as he displays.

Meeting Cold Hands is usually a pleasant affair since he is a creature of high culture and soft spoken. He always shows proper manners.

His hearing is uncanny.

Cold Hands choose neutrality during the strife that engulfed Kantan and lead to the death of the Cos Brothers. He has vowed to return to the isolation of Kel’Riven and wait out the coming storm. Although he has revealed little, he seems to know more about what is coming than the other factions that comprised the now fractured Thirteen Consortium.

Cold Hands

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