The Bearer of the Runes. A gifted warrior born among the scattered descendants of the Amber Beast Clan, and raised by Razor and The Father. He carries knowledge of the Ancient's runes that manifest Lir's power.


The perils facing Lir’s chossen and the keepers of her teachings are many, and their allies are few. Luckily, some remain, and they are found by The Veiled Alliance or the Initiates of the Dawn before hostile forces consume them. Such was the case with Ash, a descendant of the Amber Beast Clan that was scattered in the aftermath of the undoing. He was born to some of the last remnants of the mighty tribe, and his was a gifted birth that was a key in the prophecy of The New Dawn. The elders felt the touch of The Others upon his flesh, and bestowed the entirety of their knowledge, the mystery of the ancient runes that held Corala, as his birthright. Luckily, they would deliver him into capable hands, The Initiates of The Dawn, along with the words of prophecy that foretell his destiny, before the tragedy that is a barren Lir could consume him.

Before leaving the shelter of The Father’s tutelage, Ash made a discovery that allowed him to begin to understand some of the rarest and most powerful of the runes he has committed to memory. It will take countless more days of study and discipline to determine their true nature, but they are powerful runes writ by the Gods’ themselves during the war against the draconian, eons ago.

It is fortunate for Ash, that the winds of fate carried him into the arms of the Iron Riders and the tutelage of Razor and The Father. He has come to this world long after the Iron Riders have lost the means to bestow the chaos metal upon their followers, but he has followed their ways intently. He will never be a true Initiate, wearing the second skin of Ro-Rex’s cold iron, but with the help of Razor, one of the last known untainted Others, he has merged their teachings with the touch of The Other within himself. His iron is an inner iron.

When not upon missions with the Initiates or training his elemental nature with Razor, The Father has provided tutelage regarding the runes that are his birthright and the prophecy that he will help fulfill. In the darkness beneath Buma-Tu he has spent years drawing the runes of power upon sand, painting them upon wood, and recently carving them into stone and bone. He can sense the power in them, but the spark needed to catalyze them is missing. Now, he can hear the catalyst whispering to him, and the runes etched upon his blade have begun to glow with power. The catalyst must be close.

The arrival of The Keepers, destruction of Razor’s Grotto, and the demise of Lir’s servant, Farr, has lead to much upheaval. Father has placed Lir’s relic in his keeping, bestowing the divine power necessary to activate the ancient runes, and sent him on a path leading towards one of Lir’s most holy of shrines. He knows that Lir’s enemies will hunt him and that what awaits on the Isle of Song is madness incarnate, but this is the burden that The New Dawn demands.

Ash served with the Keepers of Lir during one of their greatest triumphs, banishing the Demon of the Bell from the Isle of Song, and thereby opening the way to the Throne of Lir. He stood witness to the revival of Drugal, so that the Secret of Lir could be opened, abore witness to the Ancient’s final words, and proselytized to the Amber Beast clan regarding Lir’s return.

Not much later, death found Ash within the chaos filled catacombs of the Citadels of The Night, caught unaware by the cataclysm that was the birth of Sa-Nah-Gig’s Dark sky storm and the attack of Javick’s fire elementals.


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