Dark Skies

Wild Gambit

Several members of the company undertake bold actions to uncover what has become of Pau.

With victory officially theirs, but Pau lost within Korvak’s Gloom Vortex, the company retires to the inn. Boroff knows of a finding ritual that could locate the monk, but lacks the materials. Pau’s closest compatriots and Lir’s deputy, forego rest and seek the means to locate him, should he still be alive.

The search begins at the raucously festive High Spot, where Malharath calls in an old favor. While there, the company comes to suspect Xil’Tol’Napp may be hiding a connection to the Thorns, confronts a Night Priest and forces him to reveal his true visage among The Thirteen, and learns who among the slavers are strongly allied with the Ro-Rexians. The recently returned Korvak is also among the celebrants.

The ritual is completed, and Pau is indeed among the living, but in great peril. A dangerous rescue is made, a mortal enemy is vanquished, but not without risking death and the breaking of the compact.




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