Dark Skies

Witnesses to The Gloom

Korvak, The Blight's most feared champion, enters the arena and displays the awesome power of Sa-Nah-Gig's faithful

It is the morning after the victory over Old Eyes Hive. Mika has gone missing, reportedly slipping out in the night. Qq pleads with the company not to enter the arena against The Blight. Korvak, their most feared champion has declared a personal vendetta against Malharath and all his allies, and they have spent a massive amount of coin to ensure the match.

The company splits to learn what they can before the it is time to give Qq a decision. One group heads to High Spot, witnessing the might of The Herald, learning what The Blight spent so heavily to secure, and why Korvak is so feared, while the other unravels the workings of the arena.

The arena match is unexpectedly moved up and the party opts to fight rather than acquiesce to Qq. What ensues is the most brutal arena match of the season. Victory is won, but both Pau and Korvak fail to escape the clutches of The Gloom.




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