“Nature was here something savage and awful, though beautiful…This was the Earth of which we have heard, made out of Chaos and The Night.”
- Thoreau

Dark Skies is set in a bleak landscape after a long history of tragedy befell the world of Lir. Death is easy to come by and resources are scarce for all the inhabitants.

You can learn more about Lir and how it aligns or differs from the normal D&D and Dark Sun setting’s expectations by reading Ten things you need to know about Lir.

Dark Skies is the second campaign to take place on the world of Lir. The first campaign took place in the Year of Undoing when the Boys from Scaalaee stumbled upon a secret struggle that would affect the whole cosmos. That campaign stretched over a year with 14 game sessions and 4 side adventures. The Boys were unable to stop the plot of Garlic (Gar-Loa-Vox) and the world of Lir was thrown into a state of pure corruption and wasteland. Now five thousand years later the inhabitants of the brutal landscape seek to rediscover the past and change the future of Lir.

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Artwork by A. Paul Weber

Dark Skies is a home brew campaign world created for use with Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition ruleset. The campaign uses elements and special rules from the 4th edition Dark Sun Campaign Guide to reflect the challenges of the devastated world of Lir.

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