The Last Sea

Malharath’s Final Chapter

He watches from the rune portal as the tiny turtle carries the Heart of Lir towards the remains of the Great Other far beneath the Last Sea. The winds rise, clouds gather overhead, the sea begins to churn, and Daren’s body goes limp, slipping beneath the water. He runs to his comrade, dragging him from the surf up onto the beach, hoping to aid him, but it is clear that his soul has departed for what lies beyond. The vial of sea water around Malharath’s neck begins to glow with divine radiance, and he becomes transfixed by a far off patch of boiling water and a column of water spouts swirling about it.

Amidst the growing tumult, he plants his spears in the sand, draping the resonating crystal upon the chieftain’s spear, throws his backpack and mail shirt upon the sand, and turns to stare intently at Pau before lifting Daren into his arms and marching into the increasingly angry sea.

The waterspouts that have formed begin dancing chaotically, some heading for far shores, and others heading towards the small island containing the rune portal. As, the waves begin to crash over Malharath’s head, a waterspout passes over him. The sky erupts in blinding flashes of lightning and deafening peals of thunder, and then he and Daren are gone.

Pau Dir’s Final Chapter
With the events at the ancient sea, Pau Dir witnessed the rebirth of the Goddess Lir. Malharath sent Pau a telepathic message, then wandered into the stormy sea and was gone. Pau took Mal’s possesions, and found his way to Malharath’s people at the Black Axe, honoring Malharath’s last request.
The Sun Folk tribe scanned Pau’s memory, and found the thoughts and memories Mal had placed there some time ago. They accepted him as a friend, and were grateful for the return of Malharath’s possesions.

It was decided that they should go to Kantan, and began the task of building the first church in Lir’s name. Kantan was chosen as it was high in the mountains, and remote. It seemed fitting to take a place that was once great evil, and transform it into a holy place. This would be a symbol of rebirth, and a tribute to the Goddess.

Some of the recently converted from the feral sea joined them, and other people seeking a new way were always arriving. Pau established a new monestary to replace his that was destroyed, and act as a new place to protect the artifacts of Lir. This would also serve as a training grounds for new warriors who wished to serve the Goddess, and teach the fighting style of his childhood monestary.

In time, Pau married and had children. He lived a long life in the service of Lir, and saw the church of Lir spead far and wide across the world. He died content that he had done all he could.

But this was not the end his story.

The Last Sea

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