Races - Ko-Kree

Racial Template: Kenku (Monster Manual 2 Pg 220).

During the golden age of the Ancients, a species of crow like birds gained great favor with the Council of Ten. These intelligent creatures made a request to the Ancients and the Others to be ascended into a humanoid race. After careful thought the Ko-Kree’s request was honored and through natural magical secrets the entire species was given a humaniod form.

The race fought along side the Ancients and the Others in the war with Ro-Rex. While many of their number were killed or forced into bondage by the Ro-Rex armies. Many of them survived and during the Forgotten Era they became diplomats and couriers for the more civilized factions of the healing world.

When Lir was destroyed and the world collapsed into the hands of Chaos; the Ko-Kree managed to use their strong natural cunning to adapt and continue into the uncertain future of the brutal world. The Ko-Kree are only a few small tribes now who can be found still serving as couriers and messangers through the city-states. Some fled into the remote corners of the world and work to keep alive nearly forgotten knowledge that the Sorcerer-Kings will kill to obtain or keep a secret.

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Races - Ko-Kree

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