Gazetteer - Three Winds Merchant Guild

The Three Winds are three separate merchant houses that work together. House West Wind, who is ran by the fat and jolly but devious Dark One Merkle the Cruel, works to the east covering Buma-Tu out to Red Rock. It was the House West Wind caravan that captured Pau Dir and others who would form the party known as the Speakers of Lir. House South Wind cover the area from Buma-Tu to Koffae. The South Wind is looked over by the Ko-Kree Bitta the Thin who is known for his quiet but shrew business practices. House of the East Wind which works from Buma-Tu to Gib’Taza and the southeastern fringes is led by Human Revenant Osum the Pale. All Three Winds despise House Dun’ka since they limit their trade in Buma-Tu and prevent all advancement to the north and the ice fields.

They were the slave faction responsible for capturing Pau Dir, and he believes they may be responsible for destroying his monastery, as well as being enemies of Lir’s servants.

Pau Dir carries their brand from his time before being freed in the Dark Skies.

After the party’s victory over the “Dregs”, the faction leaders attempted to hire them to fight on their behalf in the games. The party refused and the Three Winds team suffered defeat to the Poison Skins in the first round.

Following the riots and faction infighting in Kantan, the Three Winds were captured by the Iron Riders. They were put on trial for their crimes of slavery. The Keepers of Lir spoke up for the Three Winds to attest of their aid in the fight against the Cos Brothers and their darker allies The Night. All the three were pardoned of their crimes by Menzer so long as they continued to fight along side those aiming to save Lir.

Gazetteer - Three Winds Merchant Guild

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