Divine Classes

UPDATE: This option is no longer available.

The God of Lir is dead, destroyed during the Year of Undoing. There are no churches, temples, or worshippers of a traditional God on the planet Lir. Though there are some who believe and work in her name. They are not blessed nor channel her power.

If a player wishes to play a divine power source class (limited to Cleric, Rune Priest, Invoker, and Avenger) they may make arrangements with me.

These are the limitations:

  • Your divine powers will completely come from a fragment of the Sceptre of Lir. A holy weapon destroyed during the Year of Undoing on the Isle of Scaalaee. Saint Tom struck a charged Chaos Orb with the weapon in an attempt to stop a dark ritual from summoning an assassin from another world. The Sceptre of Lir exploded in his hands and burned a holy symbol into his palm. Your character will be in possession of a small fragment of this weapon. It will be the only holy implement available to your character. If you lose or destroy the implement your divine powers will vanish and your character will be a broken soul.
  • Your background will be required to be linked to his implement
  • Only one divine power source character can exist at a time in the camapaign.
  • The character Daren Dewitt does not count against the Divine class limit in the campaign.

Divine Classes

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