Character Builder and Tracking Sheets

In Character Builder go to Manage Your Character. You can now turn on Spellscarred and Inherent Bonuses like the old character builder. You will also want to create a Dark Sun character to access elements like Dark Sun Themes. See Allowed Themes

Character Builder does not yet support the old Home Rule feature. So some items will require a little creative work on your part but it is possible to just create a character as is in the Character Builder and apply some notes to the custom sheets linked below.

A good practice is not to buy equipment or weapons in character builder. You can “buy” a few weapons in the builder to help compute common weapons or implements you will use with your powers and attacks. But, then use the sheets to track the more custom items through the adventure.

Tracking equipment and the various types of currency on the world of Lir, Dark Sun has all those coins for different cities and exchange rates:

Tracks a few different custom elements for our campaign setting:

Something to help players remember exactly where they left off from session to session. It offers an optional area to copy over info from the last session (some folks like doing that), an area to track the information during the session, and also an area to note where you left off at the end of the session. You can use as much as you like or as little as you like, but be sure to note the ending values at the end of each session. This is important since we only play once or twice a month.

Tracking weapons and our home brew breakage rules:

Character Builder and Tracking Sheets

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