Tag: The New Dawn


  • Bugard the Ritualist

    Bugard once was Shamus, a cranky sea navigator from The Gazing Rim. He was old in years and has a bum left leg that causes him to walk with a slow pronounced limp. He often wore a cap with a red star which was the symbol of trained navigators of the sea. …

  • Peter

    Peter may not be long for this world. He has little remaining living Ro-Rex metal to sustain him. While he remains, he is the trusted aid of Menser and keeper of the [[:fey-fuser | Urchin's Tooth]].

  • Ash

    The perils facing Lir's chossen and the keepers of her teachings are many, and their allies are few. Luckily, some remain, and they are found by The Veiled Alliance or the Initiates of the Dawn before hostile forces consume them. Such was the case with …