Dark Skies

Three Strangers - Kindness, Darkness and Undeath
A friend goes missing and the remaining former slaves meet three strangers while on his trail.

Pau, Minron, and Ranor awake in the lizardman burrows and discover Naut is missing and possibly abducted. During their pursuit, they nearly succumb to the harsh realities of being poorly equipped in the desert and are saved by the kindness of a stranger. Pau learns a bit of mystery surrounding the turtle coin he wears, while in the care of the stranger, Boroff.

The following day, the trio proceeds towards Marlone at Boroff’s advising. Along the way, they must defeat the darkness within Marlone’s cursed walls, then face the acolyte of death who has camped along the silt lake separating them from the city itself.

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Overcome by The Dark Sky Storm
A band of slaves is freed by the fury of a Dark Sky storm

Dark skies crop

A band of cruel slavers transports their cargo across the blue-sands desert. They are savage and merciless. Before reaching their destination, the band is overtaken by a Dark Sky storm. Their cargo, Pau the fangling monk, Torment the dark one psion, Naut the scarred beast-man warrior, and Samiel the human bard are chained together and given clubs and knives by a slaver hoping to use them as muscle to escape the terrors in the storm.

Most of the slaves survive by fighting their way out of the storm and fleeing to a nearby cave to take shelter. Samiel and Torment are killed by the skeletal creatures that lurk in the storm. All of the slavers perish in the howling wind.

In the shelter of a small cave, other escaped slaves find shelter and join the initial group. These newcomers include Ranor the lizardling marshal and Minron the bull barbarian.

In the following day, the former slaves salvage what they can from the wrecked caravan, including a [mysterious gold coin that Pau feels a connection with, and depart in search of shelter. The rag-tag party soon finds an oasis and overcomes a sand folk ambush before sheltering there.

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