The Secret of Lir


The chest is currently under the influence of an arcane ritual that conceals it from detection by those who can detect arcane artifact or the use of scrying.

Consider any skill check to detect or scrye its location as HARD for the level + 5. Increasing by +1 for every 10 miles the caster is from the chest physically.


The Secret of Lir is a chest made of mysterious stone like material. It bears an engraving of a great turtle creature with a leafless tree growing from its head. It is about two feet in length and a foot wide and only half a foot tall. It seems light despite being carved of stone and can be carried under arm. The chest is locked by both arcane/fey rituals and a confusing series of tumblers and latchs that are also made of the strange stone material. Bugard the Ritualist claimed the chest could only be opened with skills and knowledge possessed by few in the world. The Veiled Alliance have hinted that The Iron Riders have the means to open it.

The contents of the chest are still a mystery. Pyre the Night Priest said, it contained a book that carried great knowledge from the past. Books are so alien to the world of Lir that he had to explain to the adventurers what paper even was when describing the tome. Bugard only said it contained secrets of Lir and Mur claimed it was the Heart of Lir.

Carved upon the box in the Fey tongue are the words “The Essence, the Sea Above, and the Word”.

The chest is sought after by the Veiled Alliance, the demon lord Zatch, and followers of the Hierophant of the Night.

The chest is currently possessed by .

The Secret of Lir

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