Robe of the Stars

Robe of the StarsLevel 8 Rare
A robe used by Fhantom astro-navigators in the deep ether realms between planets. It is woven with thin leather pelts of creatures that dwell in the ether and threaded with fine strands of asteriod metals. It is a dark red in color on the outside. While the interior is a star map drawn in symols on black. It is tailored for four arms and has many pockets.
Armor: Cloth (Priceless)

  • You gain resist 5 Cold.

  • You gain resist 5 Fire.

  • Bonus +1 on Endurance Checks.

  • Bonus +2 on Arcane/Nature checks when navigating in the Ether Realms.

  • Gain +1 item bonus all defenses and Armor Class.

  • You may draw out one small item as a free action.

Power (Radiant) Daily (Minor Action)
Until the end of your next turn, all enemies who attack you are blinded (save ends).
Power (Healing, Teleportation) Daily (Immediate Reaction)
Use this power while you are bloodied and when an attack damages you. Teleport 6 squares, and you can spend a healing surge.

Robe of the Stars

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