Resonating Crystal

A necklace holding a large piece of amber containing a tiny winged humanoid

Resonating CrystalLevel 7 Uncommon
A necklace with a single large piece of amber encasing a tiny winged humanoid.
Neck Slot
Power Encounter (Free Action)
Trigger: You miss all targets with an augmented psionic attack power.
Effect: You regain 1 power point.

Power Daily (Minor)
You gain 1 power point until the end of your next turn. You can use this power point only to augment a psionic attack power.
Power Daily (Standard)
When using the energies of a Ley Line Nexus you may communicate telepathically with one person you know on the surface of Lir, regardless of the range to that person. The target must be someone that you have a close connection; such as a family member, long time friend/companion, or someone whom you have a mentor/student relationship.

An ancient crystal used by the Sun Folk to augment their inherent telepathic and psionic abilities. When activated at a Ley Line Nexus it allows the wielder to communicate telepathically with a person they have met, regardless of how far away that person is.

This particular crystal was possessed by Korvak, of the lost tribe that eventually became known as The Blight.

Resonating Crystal

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