Razor's Finger

A legendary weapon forged to purge corruption from Lir.

weapon (melee)
Razor’s FingerLevel 8 Rare
Dark polished bone blade covered in runes of the Ancients. A great weapon forged by the forces that fought against demon hordes before the fall of Marlone.
Weapon: Magic Non-Metal Bastard Sword (Priceless)
Critical: +1d8 Force damage per plus

  • When used against bloodied enemies, this weapon gains brutal 1.

  • When a creature is wielding Razor Finger, that creature gains +2 on Knowledge checks on Aberrant origin creatures.

  • Whenever an enemy scores a critical hit against you, your next attack with this weapon against that enemy deals +1d6 damage per tier. The effect ends at the end of your next turn.
Power (Force) Daily (Free Action)
Use this power when you hit with a melee attack. Each creature adjacent to you takes 5 force damage per tier.

Razor's Finger

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