Ghost Mushroom

Ghost Mushroom (Heal)
Category: Component
Price: 5 gp
Description: A pale luminescent mushroom found in mountainous areas of Lir. They only grow where the uncorrupted essence of the Feywild is still strong. They are often found near the den/temples of Others and Ley Line Nexus.

Ghost Mushrooms are rich in healing nutrients and each 1 gp of Ghost Mushrooms used in a ritual or alchemy with the keyword Healing will count as 5 gp of components.

Using 25 gp worth of Ghost Mushrooms to aid in a Heal Check will grant an item bonus of +1 to the roll. A maximum item bonus of +1 is possible regardless how many mushrooms are used.

Ghost Mushrooms are difficult to harvest. A medium Nature check of the creature’s current level is required to harvest any amount of them worth using. A medium check will harvest 2d6 x 5 gp worth of the mushrooms. For each 5 above the target difficulty rolled add an additional 1d6 to determine the amount harvested. Only one check can be made at each location.

Ghost Mushroom

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