Dead Stone

An otherworldly chunk of necrotic stone capable of imprisoning the dead.


The stone emits a powerful influence that is easily detected by those trained in nature, arcana, and religion studies. Creatures that die in this influence do not have their souls pass into the land of the dead, but instead are trapped by the stone. These imprisoned spirits are used by the stone to entrap other living creatures in its deadly grasp. The dead spirits can be manifested by the stone’s presence into haunting or eerie creatures shaped from the environment around it. All these creatures wield life draining properties and undead.

Summoning creatures from outside worlds or primal spirits is dangerous near Dead Stone. It can absorb their power and deplete them. Allowing it to manifest even greater horrors to challenge its victims.

The stone appears as a black glassy stone that reflects light as if it was shown upon oil.

As the stone collects more souls it becomes more and more intelligent to some degree.


Dead Stone originates in the void beyond Lir and can find its way to this world through meteorites and those that travel between the worlds.

The stone is the remnant of a world completely voided of all primal life in the Great War. The world’s very stone only containing necrotic energy now that the all primal energies have been slain or driven from it. These haunted worlds are rare since most have crumbled in the solar winds but now drift in scattered fragments through the dark ether seeking landfall. One can whisper a thanks to the primal when these fragments are devoured by suns.

In essence Dead Stone is death itself and a gravity well no souls can escape. Gods of the Dead and Life would look upon this material with great loathing. Given enough time and souls one could only wonder what effect these dead worlds or a single shard of stone may do to the boundaries between the living and dead.

Dead Stone

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