Boon: Death is not an Option

You have made an enemy in death and there is no rest for you beyond the veil.

Death is not an optionLevel 7 Rare
You are driven by fear of Sa-Nah-Gig never to be under her sway.
Legendary Boon

  • You gain a +1 item bonus to death saving throws. When you use your second wind, you gain a +2 item bonus to your next damage roll with an attack before the end of your next turn.
Power Encounter (No Action)

  • Trigger: You spend a healing surge while prone.
    Effect: You can stand up as a free action.
Utility Power Daily (Minor Action)

  • Effect: Choose one ally within 5 squares of you. Until the end of the encounter, that ally gains vulnerable 5 necrotic, you gain resist 10 necrotic.

Boon: Death is not an Option

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