Wodewick (Cat in a Coma)

Sometimes furry, sometimes blurry, always sandy.


Feline Beast-Man (Longtooth Shifter), Druid


Wodewick is a Rasha, one of the last of the race that were Lir’s original inhabitants. He helped the Keepers retrieve The Secret from Marlone and to slay Pyre, before parting ways to warn Boroff that The Night knew where he was hiding. Wodewick was nearly killed and overcome by a chaos infection before being kidnapped by Rannor the Traitor at Lir’s enclave in the Savage Mountains.

He is rumored to be alive and being held captive by The Thorns in Buma-Tu. His severed paw was found by The Keepers at the enclave, as part of an act of sacrilege perpetrated by The Thorns.

Wodewick (Cat in a Coma)

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