Val-Drek the Speaker

A Shadow Draconian in the service of the God-Emperor.


Nothing is known of this creature’s past except he mentioned that he was very old once. He is loyal but straightforward creature that serves his masters well. The party first encountered him in the Savage Mountains when Val-Drek’s Blood Changeling discovered that the Secret of Lir had been freed from its protective wards. The Blood Changeling in guise of Andal’s old friend The Gloaming managed to gain the confidence of the party protecting the Secret. While traveling with them, the changeling left stones marked in High Speech that allowed Val-Drek to follow and ambush the party. He initially attempted to bribe the protectors, but resorted to violence and was unsuccessful in his efforts. Val-Drek fled the battle when the odds turned against him.

Val-Drek summoned The Keepers of Lir to his personal chambers when they arrived in Kantan. There, he revealed that his body double had been poisoned. He believes the attack was meant to precipitate a greater conflict in Kantan by breaking the truce between the God-Emperor and the slaver factions.

Following the defeat of the Cos Brothers and the confrontation of an unknown, but powerful, Night Priest atop the tower, several body-doubles of Val-Drek were seen. It is presumed that the dead body seen earlier was indeed the shadow dragon himself, and that the intrigues wrought by Val-Drek were actually carried out by one or more impostors in service of The Night and Sorcerer-King Talis Krieg. For this reason, Val-Drek is currently presumed dead.

The impostors are believed to be a slime creature containing a rudimentary skeleton and musculature, as indicated by Farr and Daren’s discoveries during Conversion.

Val-Drek the Speaker

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