The Golden Mur


In ancient times the wealthy tradesmen of Marlone worshipped a golden god of the sunshine. He was often protrayed as a bald bovine man with the round cow-like face and immense ears. His hands are held up at the waist, baring palms to the sky. The faithful say to catch the rays of the sun. But, those who trade with the Marlone say, to demand payment.

Mur was an Other that escaped corruption by Chaos that turned many of his kind into demons. In his true form he appeared as a giant with a cow’s head. He ruled Marlone from a great brightly colored dome in the center of the port city. Long after Lir’s death Mur fought with his loyal followers to maintain a beacon of hope in a world quickly falling to the forces of Chaos and savage cultures.

When Marlone was overan by the demon forces of Zatch, Mur was mortally wounded but used his own death to fashion a warding on the dome and the object he was guarding. Thousands of years later a group of vagabonds with destiny in their blood managed to reach Mur’s bones and reclaim the Secret of Lir that he was guarding. Their nature was pure so the wards allowed them to enter the dome unharmed. Mur entrusted the Secret to this small group and vanished into the sky as a whirlwind of bones and dust.

The Golden Mur

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