The God Lir

The dead God Lir, who perished in The Year of Undoing


The Great Other was born from the nether when the world Lir was formed. She cared for Lir and her first children, the Rasha, until the God Wars came. She survived the war against the draconian and took part in the cleansing that banished them to the Astral Wastes, but her homeworld suffered little.

When the Ancients arrived from their long journey, she welcomed them as her second children and helped them to put their dark origins behind them. She was ultimately betrayed by the few Ancients that remained after the great sacrifice in the war against Ro-Rex that created Sa-Nah-Gig. Her death was the requirement to bring the Draconian back from the Astral Wastes in order to fianlly slay Ro-Rex.

Upon her death the oceans evaporated to form the great silt seas and the skies burned for many days. Lir was truly one of the greatest among the Others, and unlocked secrets that could promise true immortality. Now, Lir awaits her return by the Path of Rebirth, supposedly entombed in the moon over her homeworld.

The God Lir

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