Sorcerer-King Talis Krieg

The sorcerer-king of the trade city-state Buma-Tu.


He is said to be an unaging Fangling with seven sons known as the Bloody Bastards. A part of his power comes from a demonic pact forged with a shadow draconian, which also extends to his progeny. The Keepers of Lir slew one of his sons, Oct’Tu, during a trial by combat in Kantan.

Following the fall of the Cos Brothers in Kantan, it was hinted that Talis Krieg and his sons have a deeper relationship with the Night Priests and they are involved in plans to usurp the slumbering God-Emperor. He has departed from Buma-Tu with an armada of The Night’s flying ships and has assaulted many allies of Lir en’route to the God Emperors stronghold.

Sorcerer-King Talis Krieg

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