The Butcher-Son moves about the people of Buma-Tu with great showmanship and ambition.


The Bloody Bastards wear bodies like others do their desert robes. But each has over the years come to favor some form or another. Sep’Tu’s favored form is that of a man that is tall and wiry in stature with intricately shaved beard and hair. He often dresses in a bright and festive patterned clothes that sets him apart from his family. He has the air of a showman that travels with a circle of deadly partners and hired hands. While he appears easy going and carefree; violence lurks only seconds beneath his smile and casual speaking voice. He has shown many times he is a capable killer in his own right and even his most seasoned gladiators feel fear in his presence.


Sep’Tu is the most public of all the Bloody Bastards. He moves about the streets and attends many public events. Around him gather a close entourage of those courting his favor and the violence he leaves in his wake. He’s often called the Butcher-Son because not only his association with the fighting pits he runs but also because he controls the Butcher district either through extortion or some organized strong-arming. The Red Snake Marks believe he is the one organizing the street gangs against them so that he can have personal control of Buma-Tu’s underground activities. It well known he enjoys gaining extra power over his family through avenues that circumvent their direct influence. At times using his own connections and allies to cause problems for his family publicly.

Sep’Tu is the largest arena slaver and trainer in the city of Buma-Tu and likely all of the southern city-states.

Yadina has stated that she and her brother were slaves in his pit fighting operations. While she managed to escape her brother still remains a slave to Sep’Tu. Sep’Tu eventually cutoff Bed’s right hand and let the word spread through the streets. A reprisal after Yadina was involved in several large slave escapes in Buma-Tu.


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