Samiel Wing


Player: DeepFriedTroll

Male Human Bard (level 1)


Samiel was never the strongest of his family, never the breadwinner – as his early death in this adventure proved. At an early age, to reduce the amount of food and money his family would have to spend on him, he was taught the ways of a bard – music for a little bit of food, water, and shelter. His instrument was a lyre, stolen from the house of a rich man when he turned 12. On the base of its neck there was a small symbol, a turtle with a tree growing from its back. At the age of 21 he was caught thieving and when attempting to get out of the situation, a fight ensued which dragged a Templar on patrol into the fight. The Templar smashed his lyre with its strange turtle-symbol in the midst of the fight and after the fight, sold Samiel into slavery… Little did young Wing know, he would die soon. The slaver caravan attempted to cross the Blue Sand Flats where the wagons were overtaken by a Dark Skies storm. In the swirling sands and howls of terror Samiel attempted to escape with other slaves into the desert. He was not one of the lucky ones.

Samiel Wing

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