An ancient Fire Salamander who sacrificed much to grant power to Lir's enemies.


An ancient Fire Salamander Other. His massive body is over 200’ long. Long ago, his body was living flame and lava, wrapped around black fossilized bones. As his power has waned, the flames and boiling stone have cooled to embers glowing inside a rocky shell. Razor is missing body parts which show his devotion to his destiny. He sacrificed his eye, tail spike, and several claws to forge weapons of great power.

Razor’s Grotto is a spire set within a lake lined caldera, surrounded by lush vegetation and birds. This hidden oasis in the Savage Mountains was only possible by Razor channeling his own life force into the habitat. It had been his home for many ages, until a Priests of the Night, Mind Teeth, followed the Keepers of Lir and Iron Riders there from Kantan. Before he was slain, he summoned an armada of raiding ships. Their chaos fused bolts tore the caldera’s interior apart until Razor released his dying breath, a massive vent of steam and destruction.


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