Before the destruction of Lir Raol was a demon that dwelled in the nether region of the sea called Deep Water. A dark and corrupted place where he floated with the monstrous mutations he had created to serve him. He was worshiped by an active cult, above the waves, that work tirelessly to spread his mutations and corruptive influence beyond his dim undersea kingdom.

Raol and his Deep Water Cults were used as pawns by Garlic during the Year of Undoing. Raol’s sect while successful in the parts they played suffered a great number of casualities in the endgame that led up to Lir’s death. The evaporation of the seas upon Lir’s death allowed the Deep Water to be buried under sands that not even twisted mutated life could survive.

In the years that followed Raol and other demon lords found themselves at odds with a number of other forces on Lir. Already weakened Raol has long since vanished and presumed destroyed thousands of years ago.


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