Qq's Fighting Men: Blood Sport Entertainers


Qq is a slender and tall Dragonborn of late years.


Qq operates Qq’s Fighting Men: Blood Sport Entertainers, a traveling band of arena fighters. Qq does not practice slavery but instead finds free creatures and offers them a percentage of the profits to fight under his banner. In essence Qq is a fight promoter and reknown for both his selection of fighters and his skills with crowds.

He has traveled the trade routes between the city-states for years now and always promises the best show possible.

He treats his fighters with great respect and always makes sure they are treated well.

QQ has invested all his wealth and dreams into winning the Kantan Trials. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be offered a spot in the Trials. His goal is to finally return to his family near Buma-Tu, give the road life, and retire to a small farm.

Having lost his fighting team to an ambush by horrors lurking in the Savage Mountains QQ enlists the Keepers of Lir as his team to fight in the Trials. On arriving he managed to make some money on side bets, but found his fortune was not to be. The Keepers of Lir instigated trouble between the slaver clans of the Consortium. This lead to the Trials devolving into a brutal civil war between the clans. QQ kept his trust in the Keepers and fought along side them in a number of battles. Once the truce of the city had been broke he saw that survival was the only prize he could hope to claim.

In the final battle with the Cos Brothers QQ was struck down by the brutish Staar Sunn. Near death his life was spared from Sa-Nah-Gig by the quick actions of Bami. Who rushed to his side to care for him and stop the bleeding.

Qq's Fighting Men: Blood Sport Entertainers

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