Naut Forlong

An infamous wanderer whose forte is escaping from slaver bonds and pulling off daring feats of thievery.


Naut Forlong is well known along the trade routes of the great deserts and city-states. His reputation as an escape artist has made him famous among the story tellers of the caravans. They say his arms and chest are covered in slaver brands from whom he has escaped over the years. And that he will openly show them with a glint of pride in his eyes. A reward for his capture exists in most trade centers and city-states. It is said that the notorious slavers the Dun’ka Clan sent out a posse to track him down across the known world. There are rumors that Naut stole a particularly valuable artifact from the Dun’Ka’s private collection.

Naut is a well known thief who is in it more for sport then wealth. He favors aristocrats, slave lords, and pompous merchants as his victims.

The last time anyone saw him was after he was captured by the General Torque’s slaver syndicate in the Red Stones area. General Torque ignorant of the slave’s value sold him for a song and dance to a representative of The Three Winds Merchant Guild. They were transporting him back east to auction him off to the highest bidder. Their caravan was lost in the Blue Sand Flats during a Dark Sky storm. Naut escaped with other slaves and was traveling with them northward toward the ruins of Marlone when he vanished in the night. Possibly captured or killed by mysterious attackers. It was later revealed that Naut had been tracked down by Kal’Tok the Tracker from the House Dun’Ka. The creature had tasted a trace of Naut’s blood left in his heist. He kept Naut alive since their was no trace of the stolen relic.

Once in Kantan the Dun’Ka learned by probing Naut with the Urchine Spawn that the relic was in poesession of the Keepers. The relic was actually one of the four Regal House metals of the Rasha.

The Dun’Ka worked with the Cos Brothers to bring down the Keepers without success during the contest. In the end the Cos Brothers offered Naut his freedom if he could destroy the Keepers. But, once armed and facing the Keepers he turned on the slavers and led the Keepers and allies against the whole of Kantan.

After victory in Kantan, Naut joined the Keepers northward with the Iron Riders. From Razor’s Grotto he traveled south to spy on the events taking place between the forces of the Dun’Ka and the failing God-Emperor. Along his trek he traveled with QQ and his trusted companions making sure they arrived at a safe in one of the small free villages hidden in the hills.

Naut Forlong

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