Mind Teeth

Abberant agent of the Night Priests


Mind Teeth, as he named himself, had recently been disconnected from the hive-mind of The Night Priests. The Keepers of Lir first encountered him in Kantan where they forced him to reveal his true form before the gathered host of slavers. This break from the hive introduced Mind Teeth to the sensation of true independence for the first time. And led to him developing a sense of identity that he claims to have spread the rest of his kind.

In his humaniod form he appeared as a great armored figure wearing a cloak of living flesh. He worn a head piece in the shape of a swan’s long neck and head. The head would twitch and turn and spoke for the foul creature.

He flew from Kantan in search of revenge upon the Keepers of Lir and discovered Razor’s Grotto, the secret location of the Initiates of The Dawn. Calling the ships in to destroy the Iron Riders and their allies, He waited in ambush for The Keepers. His awakening personality latching onto the emotion of revenge and pride.

The party discovered him and he revealed his true form of a hovering orb of flesh, chaos ooze, eyes, and teeth. Mind Teeth was one of the inner circle of The Night, but the injuries from the Harzon attack and exhausting his own energies to fly to Razor’s Grotto left him weakened. After an intense fight, he was defeated, exploding in a chaotic blast. The lingering chaos gripped the minds of his enemies who continued the fight amongst themselves, lashing out at each other, maddened from his mindbending farewell.


Mind Teeth

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