A darkly twisted fey creature charged with bringing the Toxic Plague further into civilized lands.


Jivven is lanky and slulking figure that often keeps his deformities hidden beneath layers of cloaks. His flesh has hardened to bark and his hair is ropey vines that grope for the sun. The body transformed and given a new purpose by the Toxic Plague and The Nameless One.

He leads The Thorns in and around Buma-Tu secretly using them to destroy artifacts or locations that give power to ancient forces of Lir. Many of his recruits only know they fight for a new world and Jivven has used their hatred against the God-Emperor and the Sorcerer-Kings for his own goals. They do not realize the true master they serve or what it will mean to this world should The Thorns achieve their goals.

The Keepers of Lir ran afoul of him beneath the city-state of Buma-Tu. The Keepers discovered that The Thorns were holding two Rasha capitive. Jivven fought the Keepers in his secret garden under the Butcher District where he was using the blood from the slaughter houses to feed a Blood Vine tree. The tree was not yet mature but rapidly reaching the stage where it could flower and seed Buma-Tu with the Toxic Plague. In a horrific battle the Keepers managed to drive Jivven into retreat and rescue the Rasha but not with the lost of two comrades.



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