Menser, Hierophant of the Dawn


A massive bird humaniod with the features of a Ko-Kree, standing over twice the height of a normal man. His bonding with the Ro-Rex chaos metal is complete and even his feathers have grown back as living Cold Iron, which he is able to manipulate into a variety of deadly forms. The ancient Ko-Kree is also a sage and powerful ritual caster who has lived through, documented, and studied the unfolding of The Age of Corruption for its full 5000+ year span.


The spiritual leader of The Iron Riders and the living followers of Ro-Rex who call themselves the New Dawn. He appears to be allied with The Veiled Alliance, and is rumoured to be over 5000 years old. Daren last encountered him in the Amber Mountains when he ventured with the Boys from Scaalaee in their quest to stop Garlic.

Menser became known to the Keepers of Lir after they deposed the Cos Brother and summoned the Iron Riders from atop the tower in Kantan. He brought them into the inner circle of those that seek to overturn the corruption wrought on Lir, and bestowed much knowledge on them. Few know the full extent of the secrets that Menser has learned about the followers of Ro-Rex now known as The Night. He has made them a subject of his study since his separation from the hive mind, and was close to uncovering knowledge of how to counter their growing might when he met the Keepers.

Little did Menser suspect that by drawing The Keepers close, he would be hastening his own demise; first, by inviting the destruction of the New Dawn’s stronghold, Razor’s Grotto; second, in being drawn into a fatal conflict with the demon of the bell.

Menser died as a frail and ancient Ko-Kree, stripped of his life-preserving cold iron armor in the Far Realm, and returned to Lir to die of old-age. In his death, he destroyed the artifact that was both a source of power for the Demon of The Bell and a portal to the Far Realm, allowing the Keepers to liberate the rune portal atop the Isle of Song.

Menser, Hierophant of the Dawn

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