Charvaan, Beast of the Sea

A terrible hunter of the Feral Sea that has become as mutated as his prey.


Over the years, Charvann’s fhantom body had become more like that of a centipede with black organic armor than that of a humanoid. His many feet ended in blades that could pierce into the craniums of his foes. This body was destroyed by the Keepers of Lir at the foot of the Isle of Song.

Charvann has transferred his personality into the body of an adult Silt Kraken, an immense beast that travels beneath the ground, capturing prey with its tentacles and swallowing them with its terrible gaping maw. Many of his psychic mutations remain intact in this new form.


For generations the Kenaz Clan has spoken of a young warrior who traveled into the wastes and became dangerously enchanted by the allure of mutation. He became what he hunted. Over time, the Chaos of the inner Feral Sea washed over him and molded him into a creature like no other on the face of Lir. His mind sharpened into a terrible weapon that fed on the intelligence of others. He tamed great mutants of the wastes and eventually kept a Silt Kraken at his side. The kraken’s movements beneath his tread led many to say “the earth shadows him”.

He stalked the wastes preying on those he deemed a worthy challenge. In time, he came to learn of the Demon of the Bell and sought to bring this creature down as a supreme trophy to his skill and power. The Demon, however, has kept to its towering pillar of stone called the Isle of Song. Charvaan has spent years circling the pillar of stone and ruins, attempting to bait the demon down to within striking range.

The Kenaz Clan spoke of this creature to their young, and travelers of the Feral Sea learned to avoid the creature’s hunting grounds. Over these generations, many sought it out to challenge the so-called “Beast of the Sea” and all vanished without a trace.

The Keepers of Lir, guided by Shad, found their way to the Isle of Song in hope of defeating the Demon themselves, but found themselves challenged by Charvaan; he saw them as competition when reading the mind of Shad. During the terrible battle within the steam fogs at the base of the Isle of Song, the Keepers destroyed Charvaan’s mutated fhantom body. In its death throws, the creature moved its mind into the Silt Kraken and attempted to kill Shad and the Keepers, but was driven back into the Feral Sea, bloodied, with deep wounds, and a hurt pride.

The Keepers gave chase to finish off the creature, but collided with a stone reef during the mad race. The beast escaped them, as they were forced to repair their ship.

His blood lust for revenge against his own clan has led him away from the Isle of Song for good. His defeat to the hands of Shad has awoken memories of his birthplace and purpose. He has realized that it the lure of the demon’s song that kept him obsessed with the island. Now travels across the Feral Sea, heading east towards the lands of the Kenaz, feeling free for the first time in many years.

Charvaan, Beast of the Sea

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